The hardest part is just walking through the door!! Come by and check out one of our classes for FREE, yes FREE!!! We know that once you see it you’ll believe it, which is why we offer ALL potential clients a free trial session to get your feet wet. Almost all of our members have the same story, they came to us from a globo gym where they signed up for a monthly fee and never stuck to a routine or got bored with the same regiment week after week, they got sick and tired of being sick and tired and were ready to make a change. FSU is the place to make that change. Here, we are a family support system keeping each other motivated and holding everyone accountable.  We all have crazy schedules and a million things to get done in what seems like an impossible time frame. An hour a day of stress relieving workout time will lead  to a healthier longer life and more energy to tackle those daily tasks.  Even if you are still not sure you’re ready to commit,  come by and see us, we will answer any lingering questions that may be holding you back and get you started on the path to a healthy lifestyle.