Athlete of the Month: Kim Walford

Published June 21, 2016

Our first Athlete of the Month for April is Kim Walford!

She gave her everything in the open. Being here in the morning to perform the workouts, and then back again in the evening to judge. She was courageous and dug deep when it got tough.

Here's some fun facts about Kim:

  1. CrossFitter since:
    1. May 2011, was with Isaac before he opened FSU 
  2. Biggest Motivation in life:
    1. To set an example of what a great person is for our daughter. 
  3. Favorite Lift:
    1. Clean, because you have to fight to get out of the hole!
  4. How has CrossFit changed or influenced your life:
    1. It has given me more confidence and has motivated me to set and pursue personal goals
  5. Favorite Quote:
    1. Any quote with the message of "proving them wrong." I love when I surprise myself and others for doing something I, or they, thought I couldn't.
  6. Favorite Workout Fuel:
    1. Dried fruits for quick energy.
  7. Favorite Protein:
    1. Advocare the chocolate peanut butter flavor.
  8. Future CrossFit Goals:
    1. Get a kipping pull up and a handstand pushup.

Congratulations Kim! Keep up the hard work! 

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